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Our classes build foundational skills for our dancers beyond the studio, touching on many life skills and instilling core values such as teamwork and dedication. Children who come into our studio experience the joy of dance and expression while developing their social skills. If you're a parent who would like your child to develop healthy habits, our dance classes will be perfect for you.


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We are not just a dance studio, we are an inclusive dance family, focused on creating an amazing atmosphere, where kids can develop into leaders.

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We help toddlers, kids, and teens master the art of dance, and feel encouraged and supported by caring teachers. Our children grow into confident teens and adults that excel in whatever they put their mind to.

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A classical dance form requiring grace and precision. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. These classes offer a strong focus on technique and musicality. Dancers learn barre work, centre floor work, and across the floor combinations.

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We follow and are certified in the Acrobatics Arts Program. Acro is a dance style that combines elements of acrobatics and floor gymnastics with classical dance. The discipline and precision required for Acro dance dramatically improves general athleticism.

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Jazz class offers a strong focus on traditional and current jazz/modern disciplines in technique, stretch and strength training.

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The Tap classes focus on developing strong tap sounds and rhythm training in the centre and across the floor.

Tap dancers produce audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any other hard surface.


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Lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics so that it inspires expression of strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics of the song. This style concentrates on an individual approach and expressiveness of such emotions as love, joy, hurt, or anger. It does not concentrate on the dancer’s precision of movement.

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This popular high energy class is designed to prepare dancers for grade school, college and pro-level cheer & dance teams. It is based off of the styles you would see during a halftime performance at a sporting event. During this class the dancer will work on flexibility, strength, stamina, and dance team skills using Pom Poms.

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A street style dance class with a relaxed but fun atmosphere! Dancers work on their strength and cardio through energetic warm ups, while practicing musicality, accent work, tricks, and footwork. Classes are finished up with combos in various sub-genres of hip-hop.


Positive environment for dancers of all ages and skills! If you are looking for a nurturing studio with a positive environment for your kids to grow as dancers, then this is hands down the best studio in the region! Both my son and daughter have made a home here!

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The staff is great, always welcoming and kind. My daughter's teacher was really sweet. My daughter always came out with a smile and we will be continuing our time at Dance Attitudes. Great overall!

Sarah P.


Dance Classes for Children

We believe that every child should thrive in a loving environment. Dancing is the greatest tool for children to develop the skills and confidence to be their best self.


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